Lindsey Renee Jacobs

Lindsey Renee Jacobs

Co-Founder + Full-Stack Marketing Expert

Lindsey specializes in helping businesses increase brand awareness, improve their processes and drive sales.


Meet Lindsey

Lindsey is a strategic thinker who has helped organizations and businesses grow. From developing compelling marketing campaigns to creating effective training processes, she has a track record of helping businesses increase brand awareness, improve customer satisfaction, and boost sales.

During her 10+ year career in marketing, she has successfully managed website design and development projects, experiential marketing events, and print marketing campaigns. She is an accomplished copywriter and content strategist who has helped entrepreneurs and large brands find their voices and connect with their target audiences. In addition, she has developed and managed effective training programs and resources for brand ambassadors, sales representatives and public servants.

She partnered with Christina to found Maps & Legends Marketing to bring effective marketing strategies and strategic consulting to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Reach out to Lindsey if you would like her to:

  • Help your brand find your voice and connect with your target audience online through your website, emails, or social media.
  • Analyze your marketing activity and identify growth opportunities.
  • Develop a customized marketing plan for your business or brand with a roadmap for you to follow. 
  • Collaborate with your marketing team to develop and execute a content marketing strategy.
  • Create a training program for your brand ambassadors, sales representatives, public relations representatives, or content marketing team.

Lindsey Renee is a detailed oriented business owner who has excellent creative skills and the ability to evaluate your business information and put it in writing in a professional manner. - Ricky Wilson

If you need help finding your brand's voice, developing a strategic marketing plan, or training your team, schedule a consultation with Lindsey today!