Ethan Himka

Ethan Himka

Branding Expert + Social Media Coach

Ethan can help you develop your brand identity, connect with your target audience and distinguish your brand from the competition.


Meet Ethan Himka

Ethan helps small businesses, solopreneurs and artists define their brands and reach their target audiences online through branding consulting and social media coaching. He began his career as a freelance graphic designer creating logos. However, he discovered that many companies and entrepreneurs need help with more than a logo. They need someone with an eye for design and a keen understanding of marketing to help them develop their brand identity and start building an audience online.

He joined Maps & Legends Marketing to help small businesses and entrepreneurs harness the power of branding and social media.

Reach out to Ethan if you'd like him to:

  • Create an eye-catching logo that reflects your brand and distinguishes you from your competition.
  • Help you develop an effective social media marketing strategy.
  • Coach you on engaging your social media audience and generating leads through it.

I highly recommend Ethan not only for his high quality service, but also for his communication skills. - Christian Dornbirer

If you don't know how to set yourself apart on social media or need a coach you teach you the ins and outs, set up a consultation with Ethan!